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Finding suitable and affordable sources of business finance is often a serious problem for both new and established businesses, especially in the current economical climate, due to lenders tightening their requirements.

Banks who were once throwing money at you (usually when you didn’t even need it) are now shunning you and possibly not even taking your calls.

This can be infuriating especially if your business needs the critical cash flow to run, expand and prosper.

There are ways to get your business finance needs met quickly and there are lenders who look for different types of business propositions so it’s important that you have the ability to search across the whole UK market and talk to lenders in their own language.

Fortunately we can do this on your behalf so if you would like to shortcut the laborious task of completing countless long-form applications only to be flat line rejected, click either of the buttons below or call 0845 680 3015 to speak with one of our friendly experts and take advantage of our expertise and access to resources so that you can get the cash you need, today.

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Secure a Business Finance Solution that Meets Your Needs

Whether you're looking to expand, or you need to free up working capital there's a finance solution to suit you and your business. can help you:

If not addressed, any one of these reasons for financing can stifle a business - at best you miss a good opportunity, at worst your business fails. If you're in need of a business finance solution and would like to discuss your options, simply call one of our friendly experts on 0845 680 3015. Or to get a quick quote based on your specific circumstances click the compare quotes button below.

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Improving Cash Flow

By far the most common financial solution sought by businesses that we work with is improved cash flow. Good cash flow lets you pay bills on time, it means you don't have to worry about wages and allows you to take advantage of opportunities that come along. Poor cash flow turns all of these into a problem, it adds stress to you and your business and threatens to bring down everything that you've worked hard to build.

It doesn't matter how good your business is or how healthy the market place is, if you and your company are suffering cash flow problems, then your survival is on the line. If you don't find a business finance solution fast enough then the lack of cash in a business can soon lead to an inability to pay debts and ultimately insolvency.

Our range of business finance solutions can prevent this by providing you with cash flow either from a business loan, from your assets or invoices. Call us now on 0845 680 3015 to speak to a friendly expert or request a call back using the button below. To get a fast financing quote based on your specific needs simply click the 'compare quotes' button.

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Your Business Finance Solution Options

There are many business funding solutions available, so to make the process of finding the right one quick and easy we work with over 20 of the UK's leading lenders to bring you the best options from across the market. As a result can offer you a range of business loans and financing solutions, including:

Invoice Finance - Whether you choose Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting, it’s an alternative to more traditional funding methods and we can turn 95% of your invoices into cash within 24 hours.

Asset Based Lending - If you've got machinery, vehicles, equipment or a property; we can help you turn your assets into cash.

Bridging Loans - We'll act quickly to help you get the perfect bridging loan for your business needs allowing you to continue moving forward.

Commercial Mortgages - Whether you want to purchase an existing property, invest in an asset for your business or simply invest in a new commercial property; our team will get the best deal for you from our extensive network of lenders.

Acquisition Financing - We'll help your business complete that acquisition through a range of financing options including invoice finance, asset based lending or conventional business funding or loan.

To discuss your business financing options and find out what's available for your company, simply call one of our friendly experts on 0845 680 3015. Or if you prefer, use the 'compare quotes' button below to get a quick quote based on your specific circumstances.

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The Benefits Of Choosing

The ethos is to give you the best advice for your situation, deliver the most appropriate and best value financing solutions and make sure it all happens quickly. By doing this we make sure our clients can continue to concentrate on their business while we do the legwork finding the best financing solutions. Our Commitment to you...

By working with over 20 of the UK's leading business finance providers and always checking the market for funding options we ensure that you and your business get a fair, appropriate and fast financing solution. To find out more about the finance solutions available to you and your business, speak with one of our friendly experts today by calling 0845 680 3015 or request a call back using the button below.

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